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Map The Girl Who Wont Wipe That Smile Off :)

The Girl Who Wont Wipe That Smile Off :)

My grandparents. (Father’s parents)
Ahmed Mhamed Abu-Baker, originally from Palestine. Zaira Maria Guerzoni, originally from Italy.
Catanduva, Brasil.
#HollyWoodMaterial #MashaAllah

Old photo. I dont know why I never posted this…
God is Great.

My photo,
Second Place - Event Photography from UTD.

This is a photo of all the MSAs from all around Texas, praying at the heart of Texas.

All throughout showdown, MSAs are going head-to-head in intense competitions. From sports to tajweed to art, we are all in essence “going against” each other. However, no matter how intense our competing gets, we realize when called to pray, standing foot-to-foot, shoulder-to-shoulder we are one. More importantly, praying in front of the Capitol reminds us we are not only one as Muslims, but we are one as Texans, one as Americans. One Ummah, united we pray.

Look what I got =) lol #Alhamdillah…
You know, things are funny. I knew I was coming here for Art, I prepared myself and everything. But yesterday, I took photos of All of the Texas MSAs praying by the Capitol, and decided that it would be great for the event photography. This morning we rushed the submission just a minute before deadline, and look! I got 2nd place! !
Sometimes, you may not get what you want, but theres always a better outcome. Subhanallah!!

He is my everything <3

I know yall are sick of these birthday posts haha.

She’s 27 <3 
Allah Yerhamik Habibti.

Happy Birthday, Sunbula <3

My daily reminder.
Sanabel’s high school ring.
Im wearing this everyday to remind myself, to win the constant battles within myself, to prove to myself that I can do it. Sanabel got her High school diploma, got her Bachelor’s in Child Life and Development, and wanted to continue to get her Masters in Architecture so that she can build hospitals that will be comfortable for patients like her… if she can do it, so can I.
She is an inspiration. I cant believe tomorrow is her birthday.
I love you habibti.

This is me.

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